How to use a condom


After reading our article on “What is a Condom”, this article is to give a sense on to how to use a condom (male) correctly.

Although, most of males think they know how to use a condom, but they end up using it very dangerously. Wherein their lies an opportunity for the condom to get torn and hence getting you and your partner into unnecessary hassles.

There are only 12 steps to follow to ensure the correct way of using a condom (male Condom). You can either just read the headings or can also go about it in detail.

Step 1          :  Buy condom of a good company or brand

Although the more costly ones doesn’t mean the quality but a long standing of a brand in the market can assure you the quality of material used in the manufacturing of the condoms. The Good Companies have inhouse quality assurance tests like structural integrity tests, optical tests, stress tests.

Step 2 :  Store the Condoms Safely

If stored away in unlikely places for longer duration of time like car glove box, wallet or back pocket the condoms can become brittle and can break or tear if not stored properly.

A Condom should be stored in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. You can definitely put some in your wallet or glove compartment for a while in case you are going to get lucky that night but should not remain there for days because it has already harm its material’s integrity.

Always and Always! The condoms shall remain in their wrappers till they are ready to be used.

Step 3 : Check the Package before buying

Check the expiry date printed on the pack, if expired, throw it away and don’t use it, it can tear and fail to help in providing the safer sex experience.

Step 4 : Put it ON before your game is ON (game ON)

Before you touch your penis to your partner’s genital area, you should already be protected.

This is important because a man’s precum can also have portion of semen and can make the girl pregnant even if man has not ejaculated inside his partners vagina.

Also, incase of any STD infection with any of the partner, the protection is only with the condom ON. As in the case of infected man, precum can infect the partner and incase of infected woman’s vulva can infect a naked unprotected penis easily.

Step 5 : Tear along easy-tear edges and determine its rolled up position

Take the condom packet and tear along the zig-zag line or the lines defined for easy tearing.



Step 6 : Ensure you are Fully Erect before putting it ON.



Step 7: Put it, unroll it & Squeeze it from Top



Step 8 : Put lubricant if required


Step 9: GAME ON – Enjoy


Step 10 : Replace Condom if alternating the position


Step 11 : Hold the Bottom & Withdraw


Step 12 : Discard in the Dustbin           


Checkout the step by Step pictorial guide on How to use a condom below :

S.No Pictorial Depiction Process Detail




After describing about the step by Step usage of most popular form of condom i.e. male Condom you might have got many other question in mind about the condom, we would like you to read our previous article Tell me about male condoms

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