A Step-by-Step Guide to using a Female Condom : Both Inserting & Removing a female condom is demonstrated


Female Condom or a Girl condom is very easy to use but will require a little of practice and care so that it shall be correctly used.

The correctness is to ensure the way it is inserted or installed (as some girl from engineering background called it) and ensuring the entrance of the male’s penis at the right place along with the right way it is taken out.


  1. First Check the Date of Expiry of the Condom, since many low cost expired products are moving around in the market.
  2. Next you should open the condom by tearing the side of the package, so that the used one can be slipped back easily for discarding the same.
  3. You will find a small ring side of the condom which is closed and will be inserted in vagina and Bigger Ring side which is open and will remain outside the Vagina opening.
  4. You shall put some spermicide on the outside of the closed end, this will ensure the double protection.
  5. Hold the inner ring side in-between you thumb and finger and press them to shape the flexible ring into an oval shape.
  6. Before inserting, set yourself for a comfortable position, either sitting or standing or you can keep one leg on chair or squat.
  7. Insert the inner ring in oval shape into the vagina carefully.
  8. Press the ring further with your index finger till it opens up again in cervix
  9. The outer ring should remain out of vagina.
  10. Ensure that the female condom has not get twisted or will get blocked or will get pushed inside vagina in the act of sex or will not catch the semens sufficiently

The above given Instructions are also shown pictorially to ensure the correct insertion.


 How to Use Female Condom - Opening 1. Open the condom. Tear open from the side seems or notches at the end and don’t use scissors or a knife, that may damage it without your knowing it.
 How to Use Female Condom - Condom 2. There will be two different rings in the female condom. The outer ring, which is open, remains outside of the vagina. The inner ring goes inside the vagina and also helps holding the condom in place during the intercourse.
 How to Use Female Condom - Squeezing Ring 3. Squeeze the inner, closed ring. Once the ring looks long and narrow that is oval shaped, it’s ready to be placed inside the vagina.
  How to Use Female Condom - Inserting Condom 4. Find a comfortable position and then insert the inner, squeezed ring into your vagina. It will take you a couple trials and errors before you are comfortable inserting it up there. You can make it easier and soother to insert by using a little bit of lubricant. Then use your index finger to push it up and also make ensure that it isn’t twisted. The bigger outer ring should remain outside of the vagina.
 How to Use Female Condom - Inserting Penis 5. When you’re ready for making love, make sure you are guiding your partner into the condom and ensuring the right insert and not missing it in any way.
 How to Use Female Condom - Throwing 6. When your act of love making is over and your man’s ejaculation is caught in your female condom, twist the outer ring a couple times to seal it, then pull it out gently.

You should never flush a female condom or male condom down the toilet or a drain. It can clog your toilet and since it is not biodegradable it can create many an embarrassments in times to come. Just wrap it in some tissue and throw it in the garbage can.




You can also learn how to properly insert the female condom by clicking through the video link as given below:


In the heat of the moment, don’t forget to ensure :

  1. Males penis is not slipped in-between Condom and the Vagina Wall.
  2. The Outer ring of the Female Condom is not pushed inside the vagina
  3. Once ejaculated in the Female Condom, the Condom should be discarded, and should not be reused for a fresher 2nd Performance.

During a normal sex act it is normal for the female condom to move from side to side.

Incase Male penis has slipped in-between the Condom and the side wall of the Vagina, the penis can still be taken out and put back in the female condom without risking any further.

Incase it is observed that outer ring is pushed in Vagina while having a wilder sex, you can take the female condom out of vagina and insert it once again with proper care this time as long as your partner has not already ejaculated.

Incase, the ejaculation has already happened before observing either of the mistakes above, we recommend you should take (for females only) the emergency contraception (Morning Pills as they are called) to prevent any unwanted pregnancy.


To remove the Female Condom out of Vagina, you need to ensure :

  1. While removing, the semens should not fall off before female condom is taken out
  2. Female genitals are not hurt or scratched in anyway.
  3. The Female Condom is discarded in a proper way (avoiding future embarrassments)

To remove the Girl Condom or Female Condom or Lady Condom Properly :

  1. First Squeeze the outer Ring and then give it a twist 3-4 times, this is to keep the semens inside and preventing there accidental escape (Spill over).
  2. Gently Pull the Ring out of Vagina or Anus so that you do not scratch or hurt the inside wall of the Vulva
  3. Put or cover the used Female condom with its original single pack (if possible).
  4. Throw the Condom in the dust bin and do not flush the Female Condom in the toilet. It may clog the toilet and it will be a big embarrassment for you once it will be taken out by the plumber.


Remember : You should not use each female condom or lady condom more than one time.

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