Female Condom or Lady Condom ! Now you are fully insured

There are two main kinds of condoms – female condoms and male condoms. In this article you will find answers to some of the most common questions we hear women ask about female condoms.

Female Condom or Lady Condom ! Now you are fully insured

Although you might know about male condoms and might have also gone through our sex-education series blog “How to use condom”, but when I will tell you about female condoms or Ladies condoms, it will still be news to you.

Infact, when informed, it was really a surprise for most of individuals & couples that something like this exists in the market. What more that too in our Indian market.

Guess what, the most ill-informed about this product were Males for obvious reasons and females were the once who had shown major apprehension to use it.

We tried finding out the reasons for apprehension, and have tried answering it here in this article.

Reasons for not using female condom or a lady condom :

  1. Didn’t knew female condom or a lady condom also exists in the market
  2. Don’t know how to use a female condom or a lady condom.
  3. Will it be painful to use a female condom or lady condom.
  4. Will it reduce the amount of pleasure when using female condom or lady condom.
  5. Wouldn’t it reduce or hinder the flow of natural lubricant when using female condoms or ladies condoms
  6. Is the material used in making a female condom or ladies condom safe for internal usage in the pelvis.
  7. I hope it does not leaves chemicals like gels inside my pelvis / vulva
  8. It’s embarrassing to ask the chemist or a shopkeeper for a female condom.
  9. Its not easily available in Bigformat marts where you can just pick things from counter without asking for it.
  10. Still it’s embarrassing to roam around or go through checking counter with a female condom or lady condom in your shopping cart.

Let me give you comprehensive information on female condom or lady condom.


What are Benefits of a Female Condom over a Male Condom ?

Advantage of Lady Condom

  • Can be put even 4-8 hours before the actual performance
  • Stays in place even if the Man has not achieved or maintained the right erection
  • Helps female share the responsibility to for preventing infections
  • Can be used for people who are allergic to latex
  • Does not affect women’s natural hormones
  • Can be used with Oil-based and water-based lubricants
  • Empowers women to seize the decision of safer sex in their hands from man


What is a Female Condom or Lady Condom ?


The Female Condom or a Lady Condom is a thin pouch to be used by woman to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to highly reduce the risk of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Rather than covering the genitals as in Male Condoms, the female condom’s closed end is inserted inside the vagina with open side staying outside vagina making an opening for the male’s Love tool.

Know how to use or insert Female condom at “How to use Female Condom or Lady Condom


How does a Lady Condom or Female Condom works ?

female_condom_How-it-works1Female Condom or Lady Condom works brilliantly in catching a man’s excitement expressed through his genitals (Penis). A Girl Condom uses barrier method of contraception, and stop sperm from reaching an egg by creating a physical barrier between them. It can catch both Precum as well as the Semens .

Precum is natural lubricating chemicals emitted by the Male Genitals (Penis) and can sometimes also have some portion of semens also along with it. And Semens is the fluid which contains sperms secreted or emitted by male sexual glands which can fertilize the female eggs.

It is only when sperms join the female eggs that the female can get pregnant. And Female Condoms do their work brilliantly in catching these sperms inbetween and don’t let them enter Female Vagina.

In other words, a female can enjoy the sexual act without getting any tension of getting pregnant.


Are Female Condom or Lady Condom Effective ?

Oh Yeah, that’s what most of the women are satisfy about in Girls Condom. It works better than a male Condom. It beautifully manages its tasks of Birth Control & Safer Sex.

Of Course ! you need to know how to use it correctly.  (Which is shown pictorially in our article “How to use Female Condom or Lady Condom”)

If used correctly, the risk gets reduced by 95% of getting pregnant. If not used correctly it is the risk of getting pregnant is as high as 4 times more.

The effectiveness is also due to the understanding that a women can protect herself even 3-4 hours before the actual love making. Which means she is not dependant on the male counterpart’s decision of safe sex.


Are there any Disadvantages of a Female Condom or a Lady Condom ?

Most of couples don’t feel that they have any problem in using a female condom. Infact, what couples have like the most is that even if male’s penis is not hard enough, they can still start the love making with penetration which is not possible with Male condoms.

But in many cases some very sensitive skinned people have observed the following :

  1. The material may cause irritation in vagina, penis or anus region
  2. Can slip into vagina during intercourse, incase not correctly inserted.
  3. Also reduced feeling during intercourse (which some people reported was positive, since it enhances their performance time)


How much a Female Condom costs ?

A Good Female Condom or a Lady Condom costs around 300 Rs for a pack of 6 Condoms i.e. Rs 50/condom in a brand called ‘Cupid’ in India.

Whereas in a brand called ‘Velvet’ it might cost Rs 100 for pack of 3 condoms i.e. Rs 33/condom in India

There is one Imported Brands which is very popular all over the world called ‘FC2’ which might cost upto Rs 80/condom after all import duties and retail margins at India.


From Where do I buy a Female Condom ?

Female Condom is supposedly be available at your local Pharmacist or chemist in India, but due to awareness issue the demand has been less and consequently pharmacists are either bound with old stocks and are not keeping the new stock

But, Female Condom is available in some of the ecommerce portals easily and what more, they also maintain secrecy by packing and sending the same in a non-branded packaging or branded only in the company’s Logo.

PS : Since, some people had asked for the direct link of the eCommerce platform  where a Female Condom or a Lady Condom is available, we have given below the clickable portion to help you buy directly from them.

You can Buy the Female Condom Directly :

  1. Cupid Female Condom or Lady Condom
  2. Velvet Female Condom

We have tried to summarize various questions asked about a female condom as above, but incase you still have some questions unanswered, Please do ask the same in the comment section or you can also ask the same through our “Share your Feelings” sections of our website. We, will include the question and the answer in the update of this article and will also individually inform you the same through your email ID.

Summary Lady Condom

We had in past taken open session on sex related issues and how they impact your relationships, and we had informed the participants about the Female Condoms, as overheard at the discussion between few females at an open session, “When the heat is on, I don’t know when my partner might decide not to wear the condom or do away with his condom, Now I can ensure my safety. I am now doubly ensured!”

Now, I don’t need to worry about unwanted ‘accidents’ and can express myself without any tension and enjoy making love to the brink.

As one of the attendee from insurance industry background jokingly said, “Now I am full insured”.

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