How Can I Satisfy my woman, even when I ejaculate prematurely ?

Step wise guide for Men to be their Partner’s Sex God …… even after having premature ejaculation

How Can I Satisfy my woman, even when I ejaculate prematurely ?

How Can I Satisfy my woman, even when I ejaculate prematurely ?

Step wise guide for Men to be their Partner’s Sex God …… even after having premature ejaculation.

Sex is one of the most talked amongst friends but also most taboo subject that you can come across in family. We always have been talking about SEX… I mean literally always… yet it turns out to be one of the most ‘mysterious’ and ‘secret’ subject.

Thanks to the preconceived notions with which we have grown up all along; describing sex as only a subject of pleasure, control and orgasm. We have never discussed openly, not are we taught about “how to have sex”.

More often we miss the more important part is our Sexual Interactions i.e.

  1. Understanding the Opposite Gender
  2. Developing the Connection

In our quest to achieve the result and the shallow symptoms of Sexual Interactions like Orgasm and Control, we miss the basic premise and purpose of sex i.e. Connection with the Partner.

Today I am going to discuss and try to answer the most common questions and worries that guys might have about sex and disrupt the preconceived notions especially for people who are about to experience their first sexual interactions.

As we all know the first time is always scary and hard. Let’s ease this pressure and discuss the Top few most asked about Questions by Men and Women.

Top Questions Men have before their first Sexual Interaction “What if I have premature ejaculation out of excitement?”

This is one of the frequently asked queries that I have come across during my tenure as Sexual Therapist and Relationship Consultant.

Firstly try not to ejaculate early or out of excitement. Check this guide on “How Not to ejaculate prematurely while having sex” or “Climaxing along with your partner”

Secondly even if you ejaculate Premature, don’t let your partner know about it! How to do that? Follow these little know secrets and tricks on “How to hide orgasm from your partner”

But given that you have already ejaculated and your partner knows about it, don’t panic… Seriously it can happen to anyone. Happened to my Partner as well !

Lets us first discuss what perceived notions people have regarding this query.

Notion 1: If I ejaculate prematurely, I would be, less of a man.

This is a completely wrong notion. Rather it is the other way round. If you ejaculate prematurely, this clearly signifies that your Sexual Hormones are super active in response to being closer to that partner i.e. YOUR MALE HORMONES ARE RESPONDING… Making you more of a Male.

Key Note for Girls and Ladies: In case a guy ejaculates quickly it’s not a disease, just a symptom that his hormones are responding to your charm <3

Notion 2: If I ejaculate quickly, my partner will judge me and doubt my stamina.

This is a very wrong notion developed by mainstream media (Porn, Movies, TV etc). The fact is that generally during the course of a Sexual Intercourse and life in General, Women have been very generous and supportive.

They like to give. So for the first time if her partner gets to orgasm, it generally makes them happy. But that said doesn’t undermine importance of Orgasm for Women.

It’s okay for men to get to orgasm earlier, but the act of making love doesn’t stop there. Men should ensure that their Women partner get to orgasm as well.

It comes by default to men in any relationship, if they cherish and adore their women partner. Remember she is your LOVE GODESS.


It’s easier then perceived by men. Just follow this step by step guide after you have ejaculated prematurely:

Step 1: Thank your partner for this amazing experience. Tell her that it was her love and charisma that you orgasm so quickly

Step 2: Tell your partner about how lucky you have been to have to get so close to her

Step 3: For cases, you have a Condom ON, go quickly to washroom remove the condom (don’t flush it: it might choke the drainage 😛 :D) and wash your penis. This would ensure that your partner is safe from any chances of unwanted pregnancy.

Step 4: Now you are ready to rock and roll again. Tell your woman partner that she is your LOVE GODESS and that she is about to be preached (worshipped) (Yeah Yeah… I know a cheesy line, but it works wonders with Women)

Step 5: Remember that she is actually supposed to be preached (worshiped). She has confided to you with her physical nakedness. You have to respect that and love her for this.

Step 6: Start with Foreplay. This might entail caressing her and kissing her at erotic (erogenous) places. To find out this Coveted list of erotic sections in Women’s body check this article. (Turn your Girl ON and Make her feel horny)

Step 7: With the foreplay, you must talk erotic to your partner. This will get her back in the mood.

Step 8: FOCUS on giving Oral Sex to your Partner. That is all you have to do. Read here on “How to give a perfect Oral Sex to you partner”. It’s not rocket science. Just kiss her in the genitals. Yes you are not supposed to shy away from this. This is her secret place and you have access to this. So YOU ARE SPECIAL.

Step 9: Use your hands to Press her other erotic places like Nipples, Lips, breasts etc. This would add to the orgasmic drive already inside her

Step 10: While you are kissing and licking her Vagina, specifically clitoris, ask her how she feels. Remember communication is the key to any fulfilling sex. The more she tells you how she feels, the more she is accepting and realizing the amazing feeling of Oral Sex you are giving. Plus with communication she can exactly tell what makes her feel good and what not.

Step 11: Start fingering her to reach to her G-SPOT i.e. Sweet Spot. Fingering is a great way to give dual pleasure to your partner i.e. Rubbing the enormous nerve endings of clitoris and also reaching the sweet spot inside her vagina which is G-Spot. It also gives a slight feeling of Penis being inside her Vagina.

Step 12: Finally if you are ready and your penis is again hard and aroused, you can get inside her.

If you follow these 12 Steps ardently, then despite of your premature ejaculation, your partner will get to her orgasm and YOU would come out as her LOVE GOD and become her Prince charming.

Do not forget to go through the respective other Blogs mentioned here. They will give you more comprehensive overview about how to win your partner’s heart… ATLEAST SEXUALLY!

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